Who We Are

CHANCE’s staff members consist of licensed professionals, Substance Abuse certified professionals, and master’s level mental health professionals committed to assisting clients toward their stated hopes for change. CHANCE values our community partners and referral sources and will work in collaboration with them, to meet the needs of our clientele.

Treatment Team

Our treatment team sets the standard of excellence in all programs and services we provide. We believe that our goal is to create an environment which promotes independence, support and strength while focusing on improving the quality of life for each individual and family we serve throughout our communities.

Excellence is measured in many ways including:

· Leadership among our staff and Executive Management Team
· Use of information and objective analysis in planning and implementation of programs and service
· A commitment to excellence in providing quality services
· Continuous improvement of programs and services
· Measurement, monitoring and reporting of program outcomes
· A commitment to client satisfaction
· Opening to collaborate efforts with other organizations
· Accountability in the trust of our staff and those served throughout our communities

Guiding Principles of Our Services:


We listen to and address the needs of our Clients in a respectful and responsive manner that builds upon their strengths. Our services promote meaningful connections to family and community.


We are a model of excellence through efficient, effective, and responsible public service. We communicate openly and honestly and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.


We maximize the use of resources and use data to evaluate performance and make informed decisions to improve results.


We work collaboratively with clients, employees, and community partners to achieve results.