Our Treatment Services:

CHANCE provides outpatient counseling services for individuals beginning at age 5 and up with mental health and addictive disease needs. At our clinics, you will be assessed to determine your specific treatment needs. We work together with you, your family, community partners and other supportive people you choose to develop the strengths, skills, and self-determination that will allow you to live an empowered life.

· Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning
· Individual Counseling
· Family Counseling
· Group Counseling
· Anger Management
· Parenting Support and Education
· Psychological Testing
· Psychological Assessment
· Psychiatric Assessment
· Medication Management
· DJJ Wrap Services Provider
· Tele-therapy
· Tele-medicine
· Community Support and Resource Linkage
· Crisis Intervention

We are here to help:

Divorce CounselingAttachmentGrief Counseling
Behavioral ProblemsParentingChange / Stress Counseling
Self-Esteem CounselingCouples CounselingAnger Management

Substance Abuse Program

Our model is structured into 6 phases of treatment. Clients are given a series of five assignments that they must complete in order to successfully complete their recovery program. CHANCE believes that Phase Work improves the awareness, motivation, insight and preparedness of each client, and provides the tools needed to maintain long-term recovery. Phases are written by each client, reviewed by staff and presented by clients to their peers for comments and questions

Phase 1: Incentive Goal: To help clients identify their personal rationale for getting and staying clean and sober.
Phase 2: Awareness Goal: To increase insight and awareness about self and the nature of addiction.
Phase 3: Support Goal: To develop and utilize a sober support system that encourages and provides supportive feedback and direction.
Phase 4: Vigilance Goal: To determine specific triggers that can lead to relapse and develop a solid relapse prevention plan.
Phase 5: Preparation Goal: To develop a concrete, specific and measurable discharge plan that addresses the client’s issues and increases opportunity for long term sobriety.
Phase 6: Accountability Goal: To provide continued support, direction and accountability after discharge from drug and alcohol treatment.

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