Our Treatment Model:

At CHANCE, we believe that treatment models for addiction treatment require the following:

· A truly individualized substance abuse treatment plan
· An interdisciplinary treatment staff
· A committed and qualified staff
· A strong continuing care program

Creating Hope And Needed Care for Everyone, Inc. (CHANCE) is a program dedicated to providing Outpatient Substance Abuse Services to Adults, ages 18-99. The treatment philosophy includes identifying the strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of the client, establishing a recovery-oriented treatment plan. The primary objective of the program is to promote a safe and healthy, recovery environment for clientele. We recognize that in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders, we’re doing much more than treating a diagnosis — we are treating people, each with their unique needs, backgrounds and belief systems. CHANCE intends to incorporate family members throughout the process of recovery, whenever possible. It is our belief that family involvement and support will further promote a viable support network, while the client works towards complete abstinence of substances used.

Our model is structured into 6 phases of treatment. Clients are given a series of five assignments that they must complete in order to successfully complete their recovery program. CHANCE believes that Phase Work improves the awareness, motivation, insight and preparedness of each client, and provides the tools needed to maintain long-term recovery. Phases are written by each client, reviewed by staff and presented by clients to their peers for comments and questions

Phase 1: Incentive Goal: To help clients identify their personal rationale for getting and staying clean and sober.
Phase 2: Awareness Goal: To increase insight and awareness about self and the nature of addiction.
Phase 3: Support Goal: To develop and utilize a sober support system that encourages and provides supportive feedback and direction.
Phase Four: Vigilance Goal: To determine specific triggers that can lead to relapse and develop a solid relapse prevention plan.
Phase 5: Preparation Goal: To develop a concrete, specific and measurable discharge plan that addresses the client’s issues and increases opportunity for long term sobriety.
Phase 6: Accountability Goal: To provide continued support, direction and accountability after discharge from drug and alcohol treatment.

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